• Vderave Art wil be at the Feel the force event in Dunmanway Saturday and Sunday June bank holidays!


Feel the force Dunmanway:

The Feel the Force festival in Dunmanway is a weekend of Star Wars themed activities, workshops & cosplay.
The festivalas inclusive ethos is All Tribes Welcome and will feature characters and models from Naboo to Tatooine, Stormtrooper to Tusken Raider.


There will be fundraising and draws at the event. All money raised will be donated to CoAction Dunmanway.
To ensure that everyone gets to experience the wonder and imagination of Star Wars in a collection so expertly curated by Newry, Caroline, the West Cork Tuskens and other colleagues and collectors, there will be a quiet hour on each day.


Join us in Dunmanway and be part of one of the biggest Star Wars exhibitions ever staged in Ireland!
For more information on the event and itinerary please visit the links in the menu and at the call to actions below.
You can find more information on Facebook and Twitter. Even without the Millennium Falcon it should not take any longer than 12 parsecs!