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Whippets and Italian Greyhounds since 1995.


Origin of de Iry Hemes Nefer

Hello everyone,

Our small kennel was created in Overslag - Wachtebeke (Belgium). Since we bought our first Italian Greyhound, Nemesus van den Emelenberg, we were hooked. Shortly after Nemesus we bought our second house companion, Tsarina. When we got our registered Sint-Hubertus kennel name "de Iry Hemes Nefer", we could have our first own puppies. So Nemesus had our first litter. This didn't go completely as planned.

We found our kennel name in Egyptian surroundings, because there are some story's that say that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra had several Italian greyhounds at her side to pamper. So IRY HEMES NEFER (old Egyptian) was born; this means: The Beautiful Housemate.

At this time our first Whippet joined us, named Unica. Soon afterwards the second one came, Miss Dior. Two years later Unica had her first litter. An English kennel name would have been more appropriate, but Whippets are also beautiful housemates.

For a few years now we have been living in Zulte (Belgium). We are still breeding Whippets and still hope to be able to breed Italian Greyhounds again as well. As quality is more important than quantity, we don't breed every year. This way we have more time to make the perfect combination between the male and female.
A lot of study goes into this. Both have to be beautiful, but above all there character has to be perfect.

What really is the most rewarding about this is that we made a few new friends, over these last years. Most people who bought a pup from us still keep in contact. This is how a new tradition was born: every spring we make a day out with all the offspring of our kennel aswell as their friends.

At this moment we have 7 Whippet bitches, at our house. We also have 1 Italian Greyhound.

On the next pages you will get to learn more about what goes on in our Iry Hemes Nefer Kennel.


The Perfect DOG?


There's no such thing as the perfect dog,
people will say to you,
And when it comes to a whippet
Boy, is that ever true!
Some are too big and some too small,
some hardly have any hair at all,
Some are too bold and some are too shy,
some have a short tail or a big round eye.
Crooked legs and splayed out toes,
prick ears and hound ears and odd coloured nose-
The perfect Whippet just can't be made,
but here's one thing that's really great:
To be perfect in their owners eyes whippets only need one part,
And every whippet I ever met, had that loving whippet heart.

Beau and Zulte