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Whippets and Italian Greyhounds since 1995.


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  • Belgium

Boxing Helena Whippets& Cirneco dell'Etna
de Iry Hemes Nefer Whippet and PLI
Hunting Free Whippet kennel, Nathalie Foulon
Van Hooydonk Tinne & Marc
Sandline Whippets
T'Kwispelhof Ines en Redgy



  • Czech Republico
  Z Vilcabamba Whippets      
  • Finland
  Scheiks Whippets & Pharaohs
Shenkhan Whippets
Woodbrook's Whippets
  • France

Blue Spring's Whippets
Du Haras d'HeliosWhippets
Nulle Part Ailleurs Whippets & Azawakh
Omemryd's Whippets (updated)

  • Germany
  Nine-Lives Whippets
Silverarrows Whippets
  • Holland
  Delerious Whippets      
  • Italy
  Sobresalto Whippets      
  • Poland
  Szlachetna Sara Whippets      
  • Slovakia
  Duelano Whippets & Greyhounds
Plum Brandy Whippets
  • Sweden
  Adiago Whippets      
  • United Kingdom
  Aphrael Whippets
  Northern Ireland and the Home Of Collooney Whippets  
  • USA
  Amulet Whippets      
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